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2014 Kittens

Oscar now living with Linsley Family at Hillsdale. Thanks Grace. Oscar is doing very well; he is very well loved by all of us. He provides us with hours of entertainment as he enjoys playing with his toys & being mischievous!

Oscar Kitten

Zinnia is with Catherine in Torquay.
Thanks Grace she's more affectionate by the minute, she's just perfect.

Zinnia Kitten\

Sav is with Felise in Central Coast Thanks Grace He has settled in so well. He has been loving exploring the house and finding mischief. He's as naughty as he is gorgeous, always jumping into bed for cuddles. Purrs as loud as a lawnmower! He's just beautiful. Absolutely perfect addition, thanks so much!

Sav Kitten

Georgia is with Kerrie and family in Bronte. Thanks Grace Georgia is very loved (albeit a bit smothered) and the kids' favourite thing is to groom her/comb her every second night. She's already the boss of the house.

Georgia Kitten

Whiskey is with the Slater Family in Camperdown. Thanks Grace He is a beautiful cat and is really part of our family.

Whiskey Kitten

Monny is with Sam and Rachel in Bellevue Hill. Thanks Grace She is sooooo beautiful and very very cheeky!

Monny Kitten

Garfield is with the Moore Family now living in Newport.
Thanks Grace, your little boy is growing up and is as smoochy and cuddly.
He is absolutely gorgeous and doing extremely well.

This is Angus and Garfield:
Angus and Garfield

Garfield Kitten
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