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Hi Grace - Bandit is settling in really well.. first day with Jake-the picture says it all he loves his raw meat for brekky and love the Maine Coon bickies. He is now starting to cuddle up with Jake in his bed. we just love him. Vera ---- Wollongong

Hi Grace - Bas has taken to Oliver they are great mates as you can see by the photo attached lovely sight this morning as Basil was cleaning Oliver and he just loved it!!!
Thanks Edwina   --- Sydney City

Hi Grace,  how are you? Our gorgeous cookie is doing very well & is soo smootchy! We really love having him around & he has started to sleep on our bed ( I didn't think Chrish would allow this!) He purrs constantly.
Cheers, Kristie & Chrish --------- Harden NSW

Hi Grace - I thought that we should say hello and to let you know that Smudge is happy as I have ever seen any cat. He has grown into a beautiful boy and acts like a very mischievous. We adore him and cannot imagine life without him. He has so much character and has completed our home in every way.
Alastair  ----  Five Dock  NSW


Hi Grace - Xerxes is just what we wanted and more.  He is such a friendly and sociable little fellow. He keeps company with who - ever is at home. The family all adore him and he is happy to go to any of them waiting to give him a cuddle or play with him. 

Elizabeth and Carl  --------  Mt Riverview NSW


Hi Grace - Thanks for helping to make the process a smooth one. Wendel is a bundle of energy ripping around the place, in a very cute manner. I have attached a photo of him sleeping with my dogs all very happy
thanks again for our bundle of joy.
Peter   ---- Perth


Just a short note to let you know we have a new family addition. Bobo has a little sister Olivia and he is on guard always  I recommend you as I know you care for you cats as your children (or grand children maybe)
Doris, Patrick, Bobo & Olivia

Hi Grace this is my granddaughter Emily with Shar  they have become so attached Emily says my cousin and I have been shadowed since Shar came to us he is the cutest thing we have ever seen he is so much fun

Thanks Leonie and Tony


Puffy is with Kylie and family in Woodcroft Thanks Grace do you remember Puffy he has been a great friend and has a lovely character He will be 19 years old.

Kylie with Puffy


Thanks Grace. Milo has settled in very well and is now ruling the house. He is very affectionate, funny and easy to manage. Isabella and Milo are inseparable.

Milo is living with the Ken and Sue family at Annangrove.

Milo Cat