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Welcome to Glamorgan.....................

Glamorgan Cattery was established in 1985 our motto is breeding for quality not quantity

 My name is Grace and together with my husband Joe have a small cattery in Liverpool where we breed  Dilutes Solids, Tabbies, and Bi-colours.

I first started breeding Persians in Dilute colours and bred a very nice cream male which won best kitten in show a couple of times and did very well through his showing years. I started showing Persians again, and came across the exotic breed [ short haired Persian].

I immediately fell in love with this breed. So we went on a mission and found my lovely Black male Zack and we never looked back from there. We loved showing him, and won numerous awards with in the first 18months of his showing career. See  show awards page.  

We are members of the Waratah National Cat Alliance and show on a regular basis we have  made a lot of friends through the years and are proud to be with this association.

    Joe & Grace with Zack

I would love to take this opportunity to thank all the Judges that have handled our beautiful cats through their showing career, also the breeders that have trusted us with there lovely cats thank you all.

 All our cats have been tested for FELV/FIV ,FHV/FCV,PKD  [DNA tested]

 We have a closed cattery which helps to ensure the health of our cats and kittens.


2004-2005 End of Year Awards

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Breed Profile of the exotic:

In the early 50ís there were many people that were inspired by a vision of a short haired  Persian.and one person that made the breed possible is Carolyn Bussey of New Dawn Cattery North West part of [ USA]



Renowned for their character both in appearance and temperament, They also are very affectionate cats and they form a very strong bond with their owner, and they are also very playful, they are very popular for having that Teddy Bear look which is that sweet expression.


Cobby broad and deep through the chest, with good muscle tone; short, strong legs
with a short thick tail


Dense, plush, with a thick undercoat, in a wide array of colors and patterns, including pointed.

 Coat Care:

The Exotic coat is very easy to maintain much more than the Persian coat. I guess thatís why they are called The lazy mans Persian.


A weekly grooming is enough to maintain the coat to keep it in good condition and the short hair will not matt. But they do shed their coats.